Our aim is to work closely with other mariners during the operational lifetime, to help minimise disruption and to ensure everyone is able to operate and go about their business safely.

There will be a number of vessels - large and small - undertaking operational activities.


We will be issue Weekly Notices of Operations and Notices to Mariners providing information on construction and operational activities. These are issued to a range of maritime stakeholders including:

  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency

  • Northern Lighthouse Board

  • Marine Scotland

The Persons Acting on Behalf of the Licensee Report

Notices of Operations

These notices include information about maritime activities completed and upcoming planned activities, including which vessels will be involved and where they will be operating.

Notices to Mariners

Our Notices to Mariners will provide information on specific activities taking place during the operation of Beatrice offshore wind farm.

Vessel Reports

Our Vessel Reports provide information on the vessels that are involved in the operational activities of the Beatrice offshore wind farm.

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