Building an offshore wind farm is a challenging and complex task and the offshore construction phase is arguably one of the more challenging aspects. Although some offshore work had been ongoing for a number of years we began the construction phase in April 2017.


Beatrice will be one of the deepest offshore wind farms in the world with water depths of up to 58m to contend with along with the weather and tidal conditions.

Our contractors have utilised large specialist

vessels to complete the offshore works including the Stanislav Yudin (pictured above) which is operated by our Tier 1 contractors Seaway Heavy Lifting.


Following manufacture, turbine components will be brought to our construction and marshalling harbour at Nigg. From here they will be assembled, loaded onto the Pacific Orca installation vessel and transported to the site for installation. 

Our contractors key offshore tasks include the installation of the 84 turbines, the installation of the inter-array cables (the cables that link the turbines to each other and to the two Offshore Transformer Modules) and the installation of the export cables between Beatrice and the Moray coastline.

Each of these tasks requires specialist vessels and expert crews to safely coordinate and manage their work while around 14km offshore.

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