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Beatrice, which became fully operational in summer 2019, was one of the largest ever private investments in Scottish infrastructure with a capital expenditure of around £2.5bn.

Beatrice is Scotland's second largest operational offshore wind farm, capable of generating enough wind powered electricity for up to 450,000 homes.


It is also one of the largest single sources of renewable energy generation in Scotland.


Located around 13.5km from the Caithness coastline, Beatrice has 84 Siemens Gamesa 7MW wind turbines and is operated and maintained by a team of up to 90 people from the Beatrice operations and maintenance base at Wick Harbour. 


At its nearest point, Beatrice is approximately 13.5km off the Caithness coast in the Outer Moray Firth.

Wick Harbour is home to the Operations and Maintenance Base, around 45 minutes by Crew Transfer Vessel to the turbines.


Beatrice has 84 Siemens Gamesa 7MW wind turbine generators (588MW in total) and two Offshore Transformer Modules.

The electricity is transmitted via subsea cables to a point east of Portgordon in Moray and then to the Blackhillock Substaion via underground cables.


Beatrice is capable of generating enough electricity to power approximately 450,000 homes.


That's around three times the number of homes in the Moray and Highland regions.


Beatrice will require around 90 operatives to safely maintain and operate the wind farm during its operational 25 year lifespan.

Many thousands of people were employed during the 10 year peiod of development and construction.


The Beatrice Community Investment Fund is worth a total of £6m and intended to benefit communities in the Highlands and Moray.

The Beatrice Partnership Fund launched in December 2016 and the Local Funds launched in May (Caithness) and July (Moray) 2017.


Our jacket substructures are among the deepest fixed foundations in use for an offshore wind farm anywhere in the world.

At up to 81m tall, they are taller than the Scott Monument in Edinburgh (60m) but only around 25m is visible above the water.


The total weight of the 86 jacket substructures is nearly 83,000 tonnes. That's around the same weight as eight Eiffel Towers.

Add the weight of the piles and you have the weight of around 12.5 Eiffel Towers


The wind turbines have a total height (maximum pile depth to the highest point of the blade sweep) of up to 288m.

The jacket substructures, on which the turbines stand, are up to 81m tall.


At 75m long, the turbine blades are around 2m longer than an Airbus A380 aircraft but around 5m shorter than its wingspan. Laid end to end the 252 blades would stretch approximately 19km.

Blades were manufactured at the Siemens Gamesa factory in Hull and are made out of fibreglass, balsa wood and epoxy resin.


During construction, turbine components were stored and assembled at the construction and marshalling port at Nigg.

They were then loaded onto specialist vessels and taken out to the wind farm for installation.

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Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd is a joint venture partnership between:

(25% share)
(40% share)

SSE Renewables (SSER) is a leading developer, owner and operator of renewable energy across the UK and Ireland, with a portfolio of around 4GW of onshore wind, offshore wind and hydro. Part of the FTSE-listed SSE plc, its strategy is to drive the transition to a net zero future through the world class development, construction and operation of renewable energy assets.    


SSER owns nearly 2GW of operational onshore wind capacity with over 1GW under development. Its 1,459MW hydro portfolio includes 300MW of pumped storage and 750MW of flexible hydro. Its operational offshore wind portfolio consists of 487MW across two offshore joint venture sites, Beatrice and Greater Gabbard, both of which it operates on behalf of its asset partners.   


SSER has the largest offshore wind development pipeline across the UK and Ireland at up to 7GW, of which around 2.6GW is in construction or consented including the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm.


SSE Renewables is a Principal Partner to the UK Government in the run up to and during the COP26 UN climate summit in November 2021. 

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(25% share)

Red Rock Power Limited is a Scotland-based investor, developer, owner and operator of sustainable energy projects.


Its 80-strong team are passionate about delivering clean, affordable electricity and supporting the UK and Europe’s green recovery and low carbon energy ambitions.


Its onshore and offshore wind farm portfolio in Scotland and Sweden has close to 1 GW generation capacity installed or in development.


Red Rock Power is owned by global power generation company, SDIC Power. It is currently exploring new opportunities to expand further into the wider European renewable and sustainable energy market.

TRIG_Logo_FULL_STRAPLINE_2321 (3).jpg
(17.5% share)

The Renewables Infrastructure Group ("TRIG" or the "Company") is a leading London-listed renewable energy infrastructure investment company.


The Company seeks to provide shareholders with an attractive long-term, income-based return with a positive correlation to inflation by focusing on strong cash generation across a diversified portfolio of predominantly operating projects.

TRIG is invested in a portfolio of over 75 wind, solar and battery storage projects with aggregate net generating capacity of over 1.8GW. TRIG is seeking further suitable investment opportunities which fit its stated Investment Policy.

(17.5% share)

Equitix is a responsible investor, developer and fund manager in infrastructure.  Established in 2007, with over 350 assets under management valued at more than £10bn, and 300 staff across 15 international locations, Equitix brings deep investment and operating expertise across sectors to create value for its investors.


As the leader in UK social infrastructure transactions and the UK’s largest investor in the transportation sector, Equitix is a prominent provider of Renewable Power, providing clean energy to millions of homes in the UK each year.


Investing responsibly allows us to play an active role in international economic growth and materially improving the lives of the communities we touch, creating a lasting legacy for generations.  By using pioneering solutions and seeking low carbon solutions and sustainable alternatives, we can help accelerate the energy transition.

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