The process of installing the wind turbines on the jacket substructures requires the use of specialist heavy lifting vessels. For Beatrice, the Pacific Orca vessel has been commissioned to carry out the installation work.

The turbine components (towers, nacelles and blades) are delivered to the projects construction and marshalling yard at Nigg where the towers are preassembled.  The components are then loaded on to the Pacific Orca which then sails to the Beatrice site.

Once at the turbine location, the Pacific Orca jacks up on to six 'legs' which lifts the vessel clear of the sea and provides a stable platform from which to work.


The Pacific Orca then installs the turbine components on to the jacket substructure, beginning with the tower section which is bolted in to place.

The nacelle is then attached to the tower and then the three 75m blades are installed.

The turbine then undergoes final commissioning before being able to export electricity to the Grid.

The first Beatrice turbine was installed on 14 July 2018 with first power exported on 19 July 2018.


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