Our turbines

The 84 Beatrice turbines are being manufactured by Siemens at their manufacturing facilities across the world, including their new state of the art facilities in Hull which will produce turbine blades.

Wind turbines operate by picking up the kinetic energy in the wind which turns three blades around a rotor. The rotor is connected to a shaft which spins a generator to create electricity.

That electricity, generated at 690 volts, will be transformed in the turbine nacelle up to 33,000 volts. The electricity will be sent by a series of 'inter-array' cables linking the turbines to two offshore transformer modules which will transform the electricity again up to 220,000 volts.


The electricity will then be sent via subsea cables to landfall west of Portgordon (a distance of around 60km). Once ashore, the electricity will be sent a further 20km via underground cables to the Beatrice substation at Blackhillock.


The Blackhillock substation will transform the electricity up to 400,000 volts for onward transmission on the National Grid after passing through the neighbouring Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks substation.  

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